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Teachers teaching Teachers: 1st PASB Learns Educators Conference

On Friday 20 and Monday 23 of September, we had a fantastic learning experience with our first Educators’ Conference at the school: PASB Learns 2019

We are very proud of our talented staff that shared with all of us their best practices in 17 workshops with 23 presenters. Through Learning from Each Other, all our teachers could successfully employ curricular innovations, classroom techniques, learning strategies, to create better learning environments for our students. 

Also, we didn’t just learn from each other: we connected, discussed, shared our opinion, and reflected on our practices. In other words, we constructed learning together!  

Some of the themes discussed in the workshops were: “Her job was not yet invented. How do we prepare her for that?”, “Nurturing the Creative Process in your classroom”, “Building Character Through Service Learning”, and “Mapping an inclusive future”. 

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