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Standardized Tests at PASB | SAT, ACT, and TOEFL

Dear standardized test takers,

Due to the latest government decrees, we would like to announce that the SAT testing at the PASB main campus, scheduled for March 13th, 2021 had to be canceled. You should receive an email from the College Board soon, but please contact them for further information should you need it.

Pan American School of Bahia has been authorized by the local authorities to offer the standardized tests – SAT, ACT, and TOEFL – on campus between October and December 2020.

These are the tests and respective dates:

– SAT: October 3rd, November 7th (subject tests only), December 5th
– ACT: October 10th
– TOEFL: October 10th and 31st, also other dates in November and December to be announced

Please note that ACT has recently announced its decision to cancel the ACT test in December 2020 and February 2021 in all international testing locations.

As a test center, Pan American School of Bahia is solely responsible for administering the tests; all matters related to the registration, payment, and results of the tests must be directly reported to and/or discussed with each test organization. Make sure you access their website and verify their contact information according to the issue you need to resolve.

It’s also important to notice that all ID requirements, as well as instructions regarding materials allowed and test procedures from each test organization will be obeyed. Test takers are responsible for reading those prior to the test day so that they are fully prepared to take the tests.

The school’s priorities are the health and well-being of the test takers, educators, and the staff, so all guidelines and recommendations from the international organizations and the local government will be strictly followed in order to administer the international academic tests with safety.

Pan American School of Bahia will offer the tests mentioned above with a limited capacity. Students and candidates interested in taking those tests must register as soon as possible in order to secure their spot. 

– Physical distancing of 1.5 meters will be ensured and there will be temperature checks at arrival and during the tests.
– All test takers and staff must wear a mask at all times. Students and test candidates will bring their own masks – the school will not provide a mask to any test taker. No one will be allowed in the school without a mask. Test takers will be asked to remove masks briefly for inspection and full facial confirmation at check-in and upon return to the test room after breaks (if any).
– In case test takers don’t feel well on the day of the exam, they should stay at home.
– The school is properly signaled with all cleaning and safety instructions due to the coronavirus, there are hand-washing and sanitizing stations available in all areas, and the facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly during the day. Everyone while on campus will be required to constantly wash their hands and use alcohol gel to ensure disinfection.
– Test takers should bring their own water bottle from home. The school will not provide cups and there are no drinking fountains available on campus – only water filters for test-takers to fill out their water bottles. Drinking water during the test will not be allowed, but before the test and during the breaks (if any).


At arrival

The school staff will administer a short survey verbally before letting test takers into the school in order to verify if the student/candidate should be sent home due to sickness. The school may deny the entrance of a student/candidate who doesn’t confirm any of the statements or refuses to respond.

– In the past 14 days, I have not come into close contact (within 1.5 meters) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 test or is presumed to have COVID-19.
– I do not have COVID-19 or have reason to believe I have COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 include cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell.
– To my knowledge, I am not violating any travel restrictions or quarantining requirements.
– I agree to wear a mask the entire time I’m at this test center and follow instructions from test center staff, otherwise, I will be dismissed.
– We have taken measures to help create a safe testing environment; however, it isn’t possible to entirely remove the risk of COVID-19 exposure. By entering the testing room, you’re accepting that risk.

During the test

– 1.5 meters distancing between test-takers will be ensured.
– Test takers will only be allowed to the restroom during the breaks (if any) and one at a time.


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