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What parents need to know about building bilingualism for academic success

Pan American School of Bahia proudly invites you to our first session of the Monthly Lectures to the Families in this current school year. The special invitee is Dr. Barbara Noel, who will be talking about “What Parents Need to Know About Building Bilingualism for Academic Success”.

Dr. Barbara Noel has a Ph.D. from George Mason University with a focus on literacy and bilingualism. She has been teaching, consulting, developing curriculum, conducting action research, and training local and international teachers within the U.S. and in Latin America for over 28 years.

Recently, she led professional development at an international school in Argentina. She has worked as a consultant with the US State Dept and ministries of education in São Paulo, Brazil, Bolivia, and Costa Rica. Dr. Noel has also taught at various US and South American universities. Her current areas of focus are biliteracy; academic language development; differentiated instruction; and supporting language learners within inquiry-driven programs. Dr. Noel has also raised her children within international schools.

Theme: “What Parents Need to Know About Building Bilingualism for Academic Success”.

When: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 – 8:00-9:30 a.m.

Where: Early Childhood Campus (PASBINHA). Loteamento Patamares, Av. Tamburugy, S/N, Patamares.

Note: This lecture will be in English with translation for Portuguese.

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