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Current Openings - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)


Current Openings

Brazilian Program Coordinator

PASB is looking for an exceptional Brazilian Program Coordinator.
Interested candidates must have a Graduation Degree in Pedagogy or “Letras Vernáculas”, post-graduation in the area of coordination/supervision/school management or alike, and advanced English.

The position will require you to lead curriculum and professional development for the teaching staff of Brazilian studies, together with the curriculum coordinator and directors; promote and communicate school evaluation programs and activities; act in partnership with the community in the development of educational activities, while also offering educational advice on Brazilian education standards and dialoguing with the competent municipal, state and national bodies.

Please send your application to hr@pasb.com.br.


Admissions & Development Officer

PASB is looking for an Admissions and Development Officer to begin ASAP. The Admissions and Development Officer will participate in all fundraising and admissions-related activities, including database management, open houses, and special events.

The Admissions & Development Officer is expected to provide outstanding customer service to prospective and current school families, trustees, alumni, and other school community members, in-person, on the telephone, and via electronic communication. He/she is expected to also have the basic information necessary to answer frequently asked questions to better serve school community members. 

The Admissions & Development Officer must hold a university degree and have relevant experience in education, preferably with an understanding of educational, non-profit, and/or service industries. Oral and written fluency in English and Portuguese are required.

The position requires strong organizational skills, the ability to work in and with teams, build and maintain relationships with culturally diverse populations in and outside of the school, create a broad international development network, and communicate effectively in English and Portuguese.

Interested candidates should send their application (updated curriculum vitae) to hr@pasb.com.br


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