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PTA - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)



The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
The Parent-Teacher Association, or simply PTA, is formed by a group of volunteers that aims to strengthen the spirit and integration of our community, to collaborate for the school events, and fundraise for school projects. We encourage all PASB families to get involved and participate!
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact PTA members or send an email to pta2020@pasb.com.br.

We would love to have your contribution! Please fill out this form to send us your suggestions! We will answer you as soon as possible.

2020 PTA Board Executive Committee:

– Isis Broyles – Chair
– Ana Maria Mottin Farsoni – Vice-Chair
– Luciana Philadelpho Andrade – Vice-Chair
– Priscila Prado Costa – Treasurer
– Adriana Silva Nico – Secretary

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