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Community Services - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)


Community Services

We acknowledge community service as one of the important components of our students’ education. Our Service Learning Program encourages our students to take the initiative in projects that benefit the community, in order to mobilize other students and learn from these actions.

Our students actively participate in many different projects with big social impact, partnering with local, national or even worldwide institutions and social organizations.

The initiative starts from a student’s idea, then it develops in a group effort, being beneficial to both institutions and our students. It prepares them to become responsible and principled global citizens who understand different cultures, environmental issues and have a good sense of ethics, fairness, and justice.

Students at all levels of school can engage in PASB Service Learning projects, developing collaboration, strategic planning, and leadership, as well as promoting respect for and helping low-income communities. This program reflects the school’s philosophy and values ​​and also serves as an experience for students to gain the knowledge they need to lead more complex projects in the future.

Creative, Activity & Service (CAS)

The CAS is an obligatory curriculum component of the IB Diploma Program, which aims to balance the academic and personal skills required during the High School years from the International Baccalaureate student profile.

CAS activities often take place outside the classroom and include creative actions such as plastic arts, drama, music, sports activities, and community service, corroborating the formation of young critical, leading, caring and engaged citizens.

The projects developed in CAS are mandatory for IB Diploma acquisition and include initiatives for orphanages,Elder Homes, needy neighborhoods (housing renewal), people who live on the streets, sports for children, art and illustration projects of books, for example.

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