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Service Learning - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)


Service Learning

Our Service-Learning Program also follows the International Baccalaureate standards. It encourages students to apply their learning to projects that meet the needs of a certain community. They investigate an interest that often raises questions and curiosity and typically reveals an authentic need. Then they choose a cause, form groups, mobilize all stakeholders and reflect throughout the process, enhancing the projects in every step. 

The success of our Service-Learning Program is based on the following key components:

1. Meaningful service: the projects address a real-life community need. It is way more than just charity and community service. It begins with preparation, investigation, and learning of a particular problem or context and leads to more learning.

2. Curriculum connections: the curriculum is at the core of the program. Students apply academic learning and skills to practical situations, and they learn by doing. Combining service and learning reinforces the learning. Studies demonstrate that students involved with service-learning have better academic performances. 

3. Student ownership: all projects are lead, thought, designed, and put into action by the students. They learn how to work together, learn work ethics, communication skills, project management and how to make wise decisions when your resources are limited.

4. Demonstration: the understandings and accomplishments that result from the projects are shared with an audience.

5. Reflection: the keystone of a great service-learning program lies in a reflection-based process. Students reflect before and after their investigation, preparation, action and demonstration steps.

Our students actively participate in many different projects with big social impact, partnering with local, national, and worldwide institutions and social organizations. The program prepares them to become responsible, principled global citizens who understand different cultures, environmental issues and have a good sense of ethics, fairness, and justice.

Students at all levels of school can engage in PASB Service Learning projects, developing collaboration, strategic planning, and leadership, as well as promoting respect for and helping low-income communities. This program reflects the school’s philosophy and values ​​and also serves as an experience for students to gain the knowledge they need to lead more complex projects in the future.

Service Learning Program Coordinator:


Ms. Daniela Davis


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