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Secondary School - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)


Secondary School

PASB’s Secondary School encompasses Middle School – MS, from year 6 to year 8, and High School – HS, from year 9 to year 12.

Middle School Program (Years 6-8) – MS
The PASB Middle School believes in providing its students with an education that is developmentally responsive to the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of adolescents. At this level, a team of teachers works together with our school counselors, Principal, Vice-Principal and parents to assist students in acquiring good study habits, organizational skills, and greater responsibility for their learning and behavior. The goal of the middle school years is to develop confident, well-adjusted young learners prepared to take on the academic responsibilities of our college-preparatory high school program, for Colleges within Brazil and abroad.


High School Program (Years 9-12) – HS
Students who graduate from the Pan American School of Bahia may successfully obtain three diplomas, Brazilian, American and the International Baccalaureate (IB DP). In years 9-10 students take the core courses of  Portuguese, English, Math, Science and Social Studies, as well as elective courses that meet student’s individual interests. Throughout the four years of High School students and families will receive guidance in their choice of higher education through the counselor’s office and/or the Brazilian Program Director.


Secondary Office:


Mr. Arturs Pilkevics
High School Principal



Ms. Leticia Daza
Middle School Principal




Mr. Jacob Baldassa
Secondary Vice Principal


Ms. Vanessa Beck
Secondary Assistant


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) – Years 11-12
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and rigorous college preparatory program servicing Year 11 and 12 students, which was created in the late 1960s and has since become the preeminent university preparatory program in the world. Whether or not students choose to obtain the IB Diploma and put the IB exams, all year 11 and 12 students follow the IB Diploma Programme framework and requirements. The programme concentrates won six areas: a student’s native language, a second language, social studies, experimental science, math, and the arts. Additional components include the Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service).
The IB Program balances the opportunity of academic specialization with the ideals of an eclectic liberal arts education. Also, the program is flexible to reflect the interests and needs of individual students while the emphasis on concurrency of learning ensures interdisciplinary connections that enrich the educational experience. Moreover, the community service and extracurricular activities required by the CAS help students integrate intellectual and emotional development while increasing their global awareness.

University Counseling Service
Our University Counseling Office is available to Secondary School students to support them in preparation for one of the most important choices of their lives: the university they will attend.

We believe that thoughtful and advanced planning is essential to choose a direction for life after PASB. We teach and advise students to prepare well-written, carefully chosen, and thoughtful applications all over the world, and select the direction that fits their own goals and personality best.

We believe that this process should be very rewarding for students as they experience self-examination and independence in the transition into life after PASB.

College and university planning does not have to be mysterious or stressful. PASB’s University Counseling Program is designed to meet the needs of students and parents at a pivotal time in their lives. We are always sharing valuable insights and helping our students and families go through this important step in their lives!

University Counseling Service & IB DP Coordinator:


Ms. Roberta Rodrigues
IB DP Coordinator and University Counselor


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