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Brazilian Program - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)


Brazilian Program


PASB Brazilian Program is comprised of Portuguese Language and Literature, Brazilian History, and Brazilian Geography, being all subjects structured according to the National Guidelines and the National Curricular Common Base (BNCC) for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary schools. These official documents are useful instruments in supporting pedagogical discussions, as well as designing educational projects, planning, reflecting on the educational practices, and choosing learning materials.

Our Brazilian Program aims to guide and guarantee to all students enrolled in the school, including those from other countries, a learning experience that meets the legal requirements of the Brazilian Education Laws, and also matches our School Rules. In addition to this, we also value aspects of Brazilian culture, reinforcing the Brazilian identity of native students and promoting meaningful contact with local culture for both Brazilians and students from other nationalities.

The Brazilian Program curriculum at PASB takes into consideration horizontal and vertical skills so that students can, according to their cognitive growth, develop further knowledge and skills, from the simple ones to the larger and more complex ones.  The Brazilian Curriculum at PASB is aligned with the American and IB (International Baccalaureate) Curricula, which allows students, at the end of Basic Education, to have a whole education in all areas of knowledge and obtain the three diplomas, expanding the possibilities of admission to Brazilian and International Universities.

Brazilian Program Department:


Dr. Andréa Basílio
Brazilian Program Director


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Brazilian Program Syllabi

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