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School Governance - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)

About Us

School Governance

The Pan American School of Bahia is a non-profit parent association governed by a Board of Trustees composed of eight members’ representatives elected for two or three-year terms.

PASB’s first Board of Trustees was established in the year of its founding in 1960, and to this day it continues to be responsible for conducting the governance of the institution, establishing the school’s fiduciary policies, the annual budget, and fundraising goals, based on information provided by the Superintendent and the school’s Administrative and Academic staff.

The Board of Trustees manages the financial resources to meet the needs of the organization, while at the same time it takes care and develops fundraising strategies for the future of the school. The Board is also responsible for hiring and evaluating the Superintendent.

1. Thomas Broyles – Board President
2. Manise Dacal – Board Vice-president
3. Bianca Sampaio – Board Treasurer
4. Bruna Leal Faustino – Board Secretary
5. Anita Barreto Lagesse – Board member
6. Pedro Lima – Board member
7. Bruno Costa – Board member
8. Vanessa Abubakir – Board member

Click here to see the Open Board Meeting presentation slides – October 2019

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