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Mission, Vision, Core Values and our Beliefs - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)

About Us

Mission Statement

The Pan American School of Bahia prepares students to face challenges as confident, principled global citizens. Our outstanding American and Brazilian programs, offered in a safe and nurturing environment, empower students to reach their fullest potential.

Vision Statement

Upon realizing our Mission, PASB students will truly love learning and be driven to fulfill their individual potential. They will embody the School’s Core Values and excel academically, athletically and artistically as they grow toward fulfilling their goals. They will be admitted to higher education institutions of their choice, recognizing their responsibility as global citizens.

The School will be recognized as one of the premier educational institutions in Brazil. The PASB community will constantly evaluate its performance, focusing on continuous development toward an ever-evolving conception of excellence.

We believe

that each student is a valued individual with unique intellectual, social, creative, emotional and physical qualities.

We believe

that students learn best in a nurturing multi-cultural community where achievements are recognized.

We believe

that students become lifelong learners when they take charge of their own education and communicate effectively.

We believe

that highly qualified teachers and administrators who continuously develop and demonstrate their expertise are the foundation on which quality educational programs are built.

We believe

that a curriculum should challenge and inspire, creating authentic learning experiences that require students to synthesize new constructs and realities.

We believe

that an actively involved school community positively impacts learning.

We believe

that everyone has the right to a physically and emotionally safe environment.

We believe

that learning environments should empower students to be principled risk-takers.

Our Values

The spirit of community is greatly strengthened by shared values and common goals. Joining our school community means behaving in an ethical manner by accepting and supporting the following principles:


Acting in a compassionate and caring manner; practicing courtesy and acceptance.


Being consistently honest, principled and trustworthy.


Valuing diversity and the rights and opinions of others while treating them and one´s environment with dignity.


Embracing challenges with flexibility and creativity, persevering to positively influence change.

Responsible Stewardship

Being accountable to self, community, and the environment, managing resources effectively to build a sustainable future.


Working together constructively to achieve a common mission, objective, or goal.

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