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Message from the Superintendent - Pan American School of Bahia (Pasb)

About Us

Message from the Superintendent


Dear PASB Community,

Greetings! Welcome to the website of the Pan American School of Bahia. Founded in 1960, PASB works to inspire, challenge and ensure the success of each of our students. Being the first and only international school in Salvador, PASB has a strong tradition of academic excellence and educational contribution to the city and international communities.

At PASB, students have unique opportunities to develop their own academic and creative skills, along with a variety of experiences that help them understand the world in a wider manner. Our goal is to develop world leaders and active members of the community. Our graduates are prepared to face the world’s challenges, solve complex problems, embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and finally, ready to start making a difference in Brazil and the world.

Focusing on a personalized learning process in a healthy and positive school environment in which students engage in academic, sports, arts, and social service activities, PASB works to empower our students to reach their fullest potential and positively impact the world.


Mr. Mike Martell

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